Meet our JMHPE team

Prof. Wagdy Talaat

Program director & Founding Chairman, Medical Education Department

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Dr. Dominique Waterval

Program Co-director

Department of Educational Development & Research 
Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

Dr. Erini Efat

Assistant lecturer of Medical Education

Dr. Mohamed M. Al-Eraky

MBBCh, MSc. (Zagazig, Egypt), MMEd (Dundee, UK), Ph.D. (Maastricht, The Netherlands)

Director of Academic Initiatives, VP office for Academic Affairs, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Ingrid Spanjers

Instructor of medical education, Department of Educational Development & Research Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

Mrs. Tanja de Boer

Secretary at Maastricht University

Joint Master of Health Professions Education Program

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Dr. Enjy Abouzeid

Lecturer of Medical education

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Dr. Doaa Kamal

Lecturer of Medical education

Dr. Sally Fouad

Lecturer of medical education

Dr. Nourhan Fawzy

Lecturer of medical education

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Dr Hadeel Abd-Elkariem

Instructor of medical education

Dr. Tahany Mosbah

Assistant lecturer of medical education

Dr Mai Mahmoud

Instructor of medical education