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What is JMHPE in a few lines?

  • The program is a two-year program (But can be done in less) credit hour based study. It is conducted totally through distance learning. 
  • The curriculum has a six-week block or unit structure, during which students concentrate on specific subjects. In each of the units, various contributing disciplines are organized around a central theme.
  • The rationale behind this distance learning joint programme is to combine the academic Maastricht experience as a pioneering problem-based school in Europe with the practical Suez Canal experience as a pioneering community-oriented/based, problem-based school in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. The overall theme of the curriculum, which provides coherence to the programme as a whole, will be ‘the competencies required of an educationalist in the health professions domain’. 

Distance-education is supported by electronic block books. The interaction between students and staff is web-based.


The program is a two-year program (But can be done in less), credit hour, study. This is done without compromise in the content and adequate coverage of all important health professions education competencies.


Focus mainly on professional skills, rather than abstract theories, highly needed for medical educators like teaching/learning skills, curriculum design, and students’ assessment.


It is mainly a distance learning course that allows students to stay in their home institutions and learn interactively through e-learning.


Regarding the registration fees, it is EUR 7,800, in two installments of 2600 and 5200. 


Jointly organized and guaranteed by both Suez Canal and Maastricht Universities. Graduates of this Master course will be granted a co-signed Master Certificate in a graduation ceremony, attended by officials of both universities, on successful completion of the course.


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