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  • Do I have to attend physically for any on-campus courses?
    No. You study on your own pace and at your convenient time without interrupting your work or social life EXCEPT for the attendance of the graduation ceremony, which is an integral part of the program.
  • Who is the target population of the programme?
    We accept all Health Professions Education specialties like Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Health Sciences etc.
  • Will the words "Distance Learning" appear on the certificate? "
    "Distance Learning" will not appear on the certificate by any mean.
  • How is my work assessed in the program?
    The assessment is through answering weekly assignments and the active participation in the interactive ML-Web discussion.
  • What is the deadline for submitting the achieved assignments?
    The deadline for receiving the assignments is at the end of each Educational Unit. Still, weekly submission is encouraged.
  • Is a research thesis needed as part of the Master programme?
    No full research thesis is required, but mini-research assignments are required in some Units.
  • What are the admission requirements?
    In order to fulfill the registration requirements in our JMHPE Program, you are kindly requested to submit the following necessary documents: 1. Filled out Application Form (attached). 2. Copy of your passport (identification page); preferably a scanned colored copy. 3. A recent colored personal photograph. 4. Copy of your Bachelor Degree certificate, or higher (Master or PhD). We accept all Health Professions Education specialties like Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Health Sciences etc. You can send scanned copies of the above mentioned documents (in a readable format; e.g. .jpg) by e-mail to facilitate your registration in both Maastricht and Suez Canal Universities and to access their blackboards and electronic libraries. 5. ONE ORIGINAL certificate (Bachelor, Master, or PhD) by REGISTERED mail to the following mail address: Medical Education Department Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University Round Road, Ismailia 41111 EGYPT Tel: 002 064 3229129
  • Is there a final exam for this Master?
    No final exams; only the weekly assignments.
  • How much is the registration fee?
    Regarding the registration fees, it is EUR 7,800, on two instalments of 2600 and 5200 EUR.
  • Is there an annual starting date for the program?
    No. You can join the program from any point in the 9 Units cycle that takes at least one year and at most three years to graduate.
  • Is the certificate endorsed by the two universities?
    Yes, the certificate will be endorsed by both Universities.
  • Is it recognized by Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt and other countries?
    The JMHPE is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt. In fact it was selected by the Ministry of Higher Education to be the best educational program in Health Professions Education in Egypt. Upon graduation, you will receive an original certificate signed by both Maastricht and Suez Canal officials and a mark sheet that is signed and stamped by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Equalization of foreign degrees/certificate in any country is the responsibility of the degree holder. He/she has to apply his documents, on individual basis, to the country authorities to be equalized. The JMHPE is a WHO sponsored and recognized by the Regional Office of the WHO (EMRO) and all national offices in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. Maastricht University and Suez Canal University have such international reputation and are co-signers on the JMHPE certificate that you will receive from the representatives of both universities on the graduation day.
  • How long the application process might take?
    Your registration will be processed once you send us the registration documents and the fees (or at least the first installment payment) and then you will receive usernames and passwords for both Maastricht University and Suez Canal University websites.
  • What is the difference between the Master in Egypt and Netherlands?
    The Joint MHPE program is developed in close collaboration between Maastricht and Suez Canal Universities. Both are renowned institutions with high international esteem of their educational innovations and their high standards. The demands and the amount of work that is required are almost equal, but the JMHPE is condensed in one year instead of two as in MHPE case. The Joint MHPE program aims at different objectives, and it leads to a Professional Masters degree. The JMHPE is conducted through distance learning except the graduation ceremony.
  • Where can I find more information about this Master degree?
    Maastricht website addressed: then go to SHE educates link: Masters of Health Professions Education, then Joint MHPE-Egypt. Or you can go directly to:


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