Evaluation Rules

Submission of assignments

  • Upon acceptance in the programme, regardless of the entry moment, fellows are strongly advised to work and submit assignments pertaining to a unit in the period this unit is running according to the academic calendar. However, submission of assignments of previous units will be possible at any time.

  • Fellows can only submit assignments of units available by means of the online learning management system (CANVAS).

  • Fellows joining the JMHPE at a different moment than the start of Unit 1 are allowed to work backward and submit assignments from previous units in the same Round.


  • From the starting date of the last Unit (Unit 9 part 2) until the submission deadline for fellows who intent to graduate (see academic calendar for exact dates), fellows are not allowed to submit more than 10 assignments within this period. 4 assignments from unit 9 part 2 and maximum 6 pending assignments from other units. This rule aims to avoid fellows from submitting many assignments at the last moment, depriving themselves from learning from the feedback given by the teaching staff. Fellows will receive a remainder of this rule during the academic year.

  • The maximum number of assignments a fellow can submit between the first redo and second-redo deadline for graduation is 3.

Grading of assignments

  • Each assignment within a unit will be marked in whole marks with a score ranging between 1 (minimum) and 10 (maximum), supplemented by feedback from the assessor.

  • All marks and feedback will be made available to the Fellow in the online learning management system.

  • Fellows will receive a grade and feedback on their assignment within a period of 15 working days after submission of the assignment. Working days are based upon the schedule of the assessor taking into account local national holidays.

  • A fellow has passed the unit if the score for each assignment within the unit is 6.0 or higher. The final unit score is the average score of the unit assignments.

  • If an assignment is marked 5.0 or less, an assignment resubmission is required until a score of 6.0, or higher, has been received, to pass the unit. Fellows have a maximum of two opportunities to resubmit each assignment in the JMHPE which has a score of

  • 5.0 or less. If after that the score is still 5.0 or less, the Fellow’s continuation in the program will be reviewed by the Directors of the program.

  • A fellow is not allowed to submit a resubmission if he/she has already obtained a sufficient.

  • Submission of all assignments in all units is one of the pre-requisites for graduation as well as the citeria for ML Web listserve.

Honors degree requirements

  • To receive an Honours degree at graduation the following rules apply:

  • Having received a unit score of 8.0 or higher in 6 out of 9 units

  • No score for any unit below 7.0

  • Active participation in the ML Web, Listserv discussions

  • Absence of offences against the plagiarism rules (see below).

Plagiarism and Collusion

  • Plagiarism is the presentation of work that has been copied in whole or in part from another person’s work, or from any other source such as published books, periodicals, internet, newspapers, films, television and even verbally without due acknowledgement in the text. Plagiarism is considered a contravention of University and Program Rules.

  • Collusion is the presentation of material that is the result in whole or in part of unauthorised collaboration with another person or persons. Collusion is considered a contravention of University and Program Rules.

  • If plagiarism and/or collusion exceed 30 percent, the fellow will be required to clarify the overlap in order to prevent the accusation of fraud. In case of fraud, both the supplier of assignments to others and the receiver/user are required to clarify the matter. A plagiarized assignment will not be graded.

  • In a case where a Fellow has been involved in severe plagiarism or collusion, the matter will be referred to the Directors of the program for prosecution of fraud, with as the ultimate consequence of being expelled from the JMHPE program for a shorter or longer period.

  • For a resubmitted assignment of a plagiarized assignment, as well as for the whole unit, the maximum mark will be 6/10.

  • Assignments should be prepared and submitted as individual work of the Fellow all through the program, unless otherwise explicitly stated in the unit book. Assignments are considered copyright to both the Fellow and the program.

Programme and fee payment delays

  • The total fee of the program is €7500, to be paid in 2 installments:

  • €2500 to Suez Canal University. Payment deadline is the Fellow’s starting moment in the program.

  • €5000 to Maastricht University. Payment deadline is 3 months after the Fellow’s starting moment in the program. Fellows will receive an invoice for this installment 2 months after their start in the program.

  • Fellows who make use of the 12-month extension of the program duration are required to pay an additional program delay fee of €500.

  • Fellows who make use of another extension year, which can also be granted for a full year, so until the next graduation date a penalty fee of 1500,- will be charged for the first year and 2500 for every other year. Fellows will receive an invoice for this installment from Maastricht University upon the moment their initial program duration period has ended. 

  • Access to the program will be blocked if payments have not been received in due time.

  • A Fellow who decides to withdraw or who was deregistered from the JMHPE program and later wants to start again, is required to pay the full fee again, and to start in the newest Round. 

Program starting moments and duration


There are 4 moments per Round at which a Fellow can start the program:

  • Batch 1: February 1, 2021 until deadline February 2023

  • Batch 2: May 1, 2021 until deadline February 2023

  • Batch 3: Augustus 2021 until deadline February 2024

  • Batch 4: December 1, 2021 until deadline February 2024



  • If a Fellow has not finished the program within this period (so until his/her graduation day in February, it can be extended with 12 months, i.e. until the next Graduation ceremony. For this extra period an additional delay fee payment of 500,- is required. Given the studyload of the programme, 1 year extension is considered the normal study period. A fellow is expected to request this extra time by email with the JMHPE secretariat (MHPE@maastrichtuniversity.nl). The secretariat will then inform the programme directors of this request and send the payment details to the fellow. If we receive no request for extension from the fellow, the access to the learning environment will be blocked.


  • If a Fellow’s registration to the program is ended without having completed all units, the Fellow will receive an official letter stating the completed units.