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 Maastricht University and Suez Canal University were old partners in carrying the torch of innovation in Medical Education for over three decades and were both founding members of the “Network of Community Partnerships for Health through Innovative Education, Service, and Research” now called “Towards Unity for Health” (TUFH). Being, both, problem-based medical schools allowed the exchange of experience over years and made lots of similarities between their institutional objectives, educational strategies, and training plans. Partnership between these two leading schools in the form of a “Joint Master of Health Professions Education” was not a coincidence, but a natural outcome to the long standing collaboration, and strong ties. 

Dr. Dominique Waterval

JMHPE Co-Director
Maastricht University
The Netherlands

Prof. Wagdy Talaat
JMHPE Co-Director 
Suez Canal University

    The rationale behind this joint program is to combine the academic MU experience as a pioneering problem-based school in Europe with the practical SCU experience as a pioneering community-based  and problem-based school in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

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